Buffet Town @ Raffles City

Ah.. It’s been more than a month since I last posted… We cancelled our home broadband internet service, because we thought we could upgrade to fibre, only to realize that the fibre network to my house takes a month after installation to be ready! Bah…..

Anyway, back to business.  Shall post about Buffet Town International Seafood Mixed Grill and Teppan Yaki, located at Raffles City Basement 1.

What’s so great about this place? Well.. It has a play area for kids! You know how kids will never sit still long enough for you to enjoy a looong buffet meal, so it’s fantastic to find a buffet restaurant that has a playground for the kids..

Well… It’s not much of a playground.. It’s just an area with some rocking ducks, balls and hoops for the kids to practice slam-dunking.  But still, it was enough to get MF to run into it excitedly, waving to all the bigger kids there to play with him!

Well… The bigger kids weren’t all that keen to play with a baby.. So poor MF was left on his own to kick the rubber balls around, since he wasn’t quite tall enough to sit on the ducks or shoot some baskets.

Next to the play area, there is a table with some bead chasers, which MF came over and fiddled with once in a while (but mostly because I was sitting there munching on yummy crepe with ice-cream and would pop some into his mouth whenever he came over).

Overall, the buffet is reasonably priced and with a dedicated play area for kids, I think it’s a fantastic place for families to dine at! As for quality of the food, I can’t really comment… After being a SAHM for more than a year, I forgot how to enjoy food.. I usually just swallow food without really tasting them…

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One thought on “Buffet Town @ Raffles City

  1. Oh, I love your description “just swallow food without tasting”!
    Before being mum. I’d eat leisurely and slowly chew and enjoy my food …….

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